What happens during treatment?

After a thorough cleanse, the peel (usually a clear liquid) is applied all over the skin using a fan brush. Some tingling and warmth can be felt for up to two minutes following the first application and then the sensation begin to fade. An SPF is applied after all of our rejuvenation procedures.
What kind of results should I expect?

The skin may feel tight on the day of treatment and a day or two after. It is expected to experience some peeling from our 3-step treatment, however, our other skin peels do not cause the skin to flake but still offer a great result. 3-5 days following the treatment you will notice brighter and more radiant skin, an improvement of hydration and skin tone and the appearance of fine lines and blemishes will noticeably reduce. Skin peels can be carried out every 2-8 weeks, depending on the desired outcome and strength of the peel used.