If you are a regular follower of us on social media, I’m sure you’ve heard by now Alex Reid and his fiance Nicola Manashe gave us a visit earlier this week to have some treatments with us. Take a look to see what happened…

Alex evidently has an extremely busy lifestyle; in between presenting and providing his own personal training sessions, he confesses he doesn’t have much time for facials and pampering so was not too sure on what he needed. To start with, we decided to introduce him to the Lipocontrast machine, which is great for reducing stubborn areas of fat on the legs, neck, arms, back and stomach. The machine uses Cryothermal technology to permanently break down areas of fat in order to improve the overall appearance and contouring of the body.

Check out Alex’s live treatment video here

Each area takes an hour long for the machine to target the fat cells and destroy them, which gave us a chance to focus on his Nicola’s treatments. 

After a thorough consultation, Dr Rachel and I established that Nicola’s main concerns were improving facial contouring and deep rooted congestion. We first began with our ZO skin health stimulator peel with a face, neck and scalp massage included! The stimulator peel uses a combination of citric, glycolic and lactic acids to slough off dead skin cells and regenerate and brighten the surface underneath. Accompanied with our newly introduced massage add-on, this treatment is the perfect introduction to the world of skin resurfacers. I find our clients get the red carpet result with this treatment, but don’t have to experience the downtime.

Unexpectedly half way through the day we had a film crew arrive, needing a place to film. In a matter of minutes we had our newly converted backroom up and ready for an interview between Alex Reid himself and the fiance of notorious prisoner, Charles Bronson. We look forward to seeing the final product on ITV soon!

Following the facial treatment on Nicola, Dr Rachel started discussing the right injectable treatment for her. Radiesse is a jawline contouring treatment that lasts up to 2 years. It is a treatment that has become extremely popular at Park Street Clinic following the increased awareness of facial feminisation surgery. Jaw (and chin) enhancement promises an instant yet natural result with minimal risk and downtime involved. There is no numbing involved and the treatment itself is almost pain free.Nikki Manashe at Park Street ClinicNikki Manashe experiencing Radiesse jaw contouring treatment.1/2

After filming, we just had to convince Alex to try out a bit of botox for himself!

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