With the soar of skincare science and wide availability of products on the market, it is becoming more difficult than ever to find out what your skin really needs. Our skin changes as the season’s do and this can complicate things even more. In this article, we breakdown the minimum of what every skin needs to promote a healthy structure, radiance and prevention against ageing.

Cleanse                       AM/PM

There is little point in investing in any skincare products without a good cleansing routine to start you off with. Cleansing your skin properly will enable better penetration of your products, help with boosting radiance in the skin and assist with the removal of dead skin cells. For best results, cleanse twice daily before the application of your products.

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Antioxidant                AM ONLY

Antioxidants in skincare have multiple purposes. It’s most significant role is to improve and prevent further environmental damage from free radicals. Even with the aid of sun protection, the environment can still cause skin cell damage so using an antioxidant daily will improve the structure of the skin and improve the appearance of any existing damage such as pigmentation, tough/dry looking skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

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Hydration                    AM/PM

Often we confuse moisture with hydration and particularly during moments of breakouts, we believe that hydration isn’t necessary in our routine. The key difference is this: moisturisers main responsibility is to create a barrier over the skin’s surface to replenish TWEL (transepidermal water loss) whilst skin hydrators work to increase the water content of the skin. Therefore, even the oiliest of skins should depend on a hydrating product to improve their skin’s health. Using a hydrator will reduce any unnecessary oil production and further breakouts, plump the skin’s surface and increase radiance.

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SPF                            AM ONLY

Sun protections plays a critical part in reducing signs of ageing. The sun is responsible for over 80% of premature skin ageing so it is imperative to wear an SPF daily. Even on cooler days where the sun isn’t present, UVB rays still attack your skin in the same way as a hotter climate. Use a physical broad spectrum and pop it on just before any make-up to ensure you stay protected throughout the day. A great alternative to a cream, is Colorescience’s Brush-on sunscreen to help you with maintaining protection throughout the day.

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Once you have established a good daily routine with your products you can start to establish treatment-like products into it. Exfoliation once to twice a week is a great way to boost your routine and effectiveness of products. Find out here the right way to exfoliate here. Our personal favourite is ZO Skin Health’s Offects exfoliating polish to help with the removal of dead skin cells.

Face masks are equally a great addition to a basic routine. Look out for a mask containing active acids to assist with your own concerns. Glycolic and hyaluronic acid-based masks are great for treating dull, dehydrated skin types whilst lactic and salicylic acids are perfect for those concerned with brightening or decongesting a complexion. Teoxane’s radiant night peel is a great at-home treatment to use for in-between facials.

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