Here we are in the month of October already!  The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting darker. The clinic is receiving more and more calls from our lovely clients wanting to book in for a bit of TLC. Take a look at what the clinic is up to in the next few weeks.

Have you heard about this month’s offer? 

If you are a new or existing client and considering lip filler, now is the time to start booking in for your free consultation. We have a wide range of products to use, offering a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your desired result. Do not hesitate to give us a call at the clinic if you have any questions about the procedure, downtime or cost.

Everyone is talking about…

Alex Reid and his beautiful fiancee popped in for a treatment or two at the clinic. We were delighted to meet them both, Alex enjoyed trying out the Lipocontrast machine and a ZO chemical resurfacer on his problematic back and Nicola tried our popular jawline treatment from Doctor Rachel. 

Product of the month

ZO Skin Health Essential Daily Power Defence 

Anti-ageing formula

One of the most asked-for products in the clinic is a daily moisturiser that will effectively slow down the ageing process. The first product we always advise is the Daily Power Defence. This luxurious product is a beautiful blend of retinol, enzymes and antioxidants that help repair damaged cells and protect against any further damage. It also encourages cell rejuvenation, so if you are concerned with general ageing this is the perfect daily moisturiser for you. 

In the news…

In the industry, the new treatment everyone is talking about are vampire breast lifts. A similar procedure to the vampire facial, the treatment promises to give a “fuller” look without increasing cup size.

Read it in the news. What do you think? Would you try the new vampire breast lift? 

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