Over the last couple of years there has been an increasing amount of interest for microneedling and its benefits. Numerous studies have shown the incredible potential of using the therapy to treat general scarring, ageing and stretch marks. Here is a brief insight to the development of microneedling in the Western world. 

1905/Ernst Kroymaker/German dermatologist

Microneedling was first documented when Kroymaker was recorded experimenting with “dental burs mounted on motor driven flexible cord equipment” to improve the appearance of birthmarks, hyper pigmentation and scarring.

1950’s/Abner Kurtin/New York dermatologist

Abner Kurtin modified Kroymaker’s technique and replaced the dental burs with stainless wire brushes.

1950’s/Alexis Carrell/French scientist and noble peace prize winner

Alexis Carrell experimented with micro needling whilst working in New York. This soon led to two of Carrell’s understudies formulating the work to use hypodermic needles to stimulate skin tissue.

1996/Dr Andre Camirand/Canadian plastic surgeon

For quite some time Camirand was treating patients for post-op scarring using tattoo guns and pigment to camouflage imperfections. He soon realised it was actually the application of the needle that was providing an improvement in scars rather than the tattoo pigment.

1996/Dr. Des Fernandez/South African surgeon and Environ founder

Around the same time, Dr Des Fernandez brought forward his paper on reducing signs of ageing to the upper lips using a needling technique to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery board in Taipei.

2000/Dr Horst Liebl/German doctor

Dr Horst Liebl devoted his life’s work to cellular repair which led him to the manufacturing of a drum shaped device with almost 200 micro needles. It was soon officially patented and trademarked as the genuine Dermaroller. 

2006/Dr Des Fernandez/South African surgeon and Environ founder

Des Fernandez introduces of Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI) which led to the soar in common interest and popularity for derma roller to rid scarring. The video below shows a great insight to the proven theory.

The makers of dermaroller then formulated an electronic device called Electronic Dermastamp (EDS). The machine promised a pain free and enable better accuracy with its new pen feature. It is specifically designed to allow practitioners and clients to have better control during treatment and therefore lead to a more thorough result.Click to find out more about EDS.

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