Consultations are often considered the most uneasy part of any treatment journey. It is daunting enough sharing all your biggest concerns and insecurities with a stranger, let alone trusting that person to help improve them. Here are a few ideas and quick tips to assist you with your preparation for a consultation with your skin specialist.

Identify your concerns

Ask yourself, what is it you want to get specifically from treatment. It could be relaxation or brightening your skin, maybe you just want to try a new treatment or commit to a better skincare programme. Establishing these concerns before walking into a twenty-question scenario helps with making the consultation process run smoother and we can then set a programme for you based on this information.

Be realistic with your expectations

 It is far too easy to believe that getting that flawless skin or dropping two dress sizes can be achieved in a few treatments, when in actual fact it can take a lot longer. Not many of us understand that the process of maintenance following a course of treatments is far more important than an intense, one-off treatment. You must be realistic when it comes to getting results and what you have to commit to in order to get to that stage. There is no such thing as a miracle product or treatment that will wipe away all your problems effectively and permanently.

Make a list of the questions you want answered

If I had a pound for every client that has paused during consultation because they have forgotten a question they initially wanted to ask, I would be a lady of leisure by now! Consultations are always filled with lots of new information and changing mind-sets so it’s easy to get carried out and forget your most important questions. Having your questions, silly or not, written down will make it easier for both you and your practitioner.

Conduct your own research

There has always been a certain level of debate when it comes to researching treatments prior to consultation. It can be deemed as a total negative due to it prematurely forming a mind frame on information that may or may not be true. On a positive note, it can also enhance the process of preparation and help you with your understanding of the treatments and the reasoning for the advice that follows. In my opinion, a bit of basic researching is a valuable tool prior to your appointment – just make sure you take everything in with a pinch of salt!

Ageing? Bring in an old photo of yourself

This is a great trick to use if rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of ageing is what you’re after. If you bring in an old photograph of yourself as it will significantly help your injector to create overall a better, natural finish. A more precise assessment can be carried out in regard to the particular areas where volume has been lost.

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