In a 2015 government study, it was revealed that 58% of women and 68% of men in the UK were overweight or obese. This statistic comes as no surprise, as we are all very much aware of how the food industry has evolved to be made convenient for us. The vast choice of foods on offer now is extraordinary, there is no end to the luxury of choosing what to eat and planning our next meal. We eat too much, move too little.

In contrary to the food market booming, dieting has too. Weight watchers, the paleo diet, the Atkins diet, the no fat/no carb/no meat diet, slimming world, are all far too familiar to us. Instagram is flooded with beautiful, young things dedicating their life to fitness and green foods. Documented body transformations interrupt our daily feeds. Every time we pick up an item of food, the label is reminding us of its dubious contents. Gym memberships, weight loss programmes, fitness apps, television and magazine advertisements cloud our brain as we morbidly fight for a side of foodie or fitness.

 At the clinic, weight is a sensitive but common topic amongst our clients. Many of us try these common diets and many struggle, whether it being a result of poor willpower, a health issue or just simply down to being a lover of good food. In some cases, the need to loose weight is more significant than others. We can easily forget how obesity can completely ruin a being’s health and mood. This is where Dr Zee can help.

He has been working for the NHS since 2000 and found great reward whilst working at the National Slimming Clinic in particular. Additional to his own branch, Dr Zee has teamed with Park Street Clinic to provide you with his MWL programme, a perfect solution for the candidate that struggles to loose the weight they need to.

After a thorough consultation and the individual’s health is considered, the patient will be allocated a programme that promises to provide a healthy loss of 1-2 pounds a week, for a mere cost of £25.00. Regular reviews are organised throughout the programme to maintain safety and accuracy. And don’t worry if you are currently on a diet plan, Dr Zee offers to work alongside it to give you the best result. 

The next clinic day he will be available is Saturday 21st October 2017.

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