We had the pleasure of meeting Insta-famous Jacqui Ryland this last Saturday and just after her Lipocontrast treatment managed to fit in a few questions to share with all of you. 

First of all, how did you find yourself in the media industry?

“Through a lot of trial and error! I was a recruitment consultant for years and never woke up thinking I could be anything else, especially having a job in social media! Now I could never imagine having a ‘normal’ job and it doesn’t even feel like I’m working now.”

What’s your all time favourite aesthetic treatment?

“That’s a hard one, maybe chin filler? I have recently had it done and can’t believe how it changes the overall look of the face, I’ve noticed I’m using less filters now.”

One product you must have with you if you were stuck on a desert island?

“Definitely the Rodial B venom skincare range. I find I don’t need to prep my skin or use a primer, my make up sits perfectly. Its great for evening out skin tone too.”

What do you think the next upcoming treatment will be in the aesthetic industry?

“It’s always hard to say; you think one thing will be great and lift off and then it doesn’t. Kybella once licensed in the UK is a treatment everyone will go mad for. Everyone edits their photos so if there is treatment that can reduce chin fat, we will all be trying it!”

Have you got a celeb girl crush, anyone you think looks totally amazing?

“Probably not, not because I don’t think any girls are stunning and beautiful but because I

think it’s important to focus on yourself, rather than comparing yourself to others.”

One piece of advice you could give someone considering filler for this time?

“Alway be careful of who you go to; look out for reviews and just because they have tons of followers, it doesn’t mean their injecting is any good. Don’t have too much work done too soon, subtle and slow changes are the way forward. During my microblading training, my trainer always tells me of how people never have realistic goals when it comes to having treatment. It’s important to go to someone that isn’t afraid to turn people away.”

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