Ageing is an inevitable part of life that we all face at some point. It can be a wonderful process inside and out, but can also be considered a stressful time as the body and face alters, self image and esteem can be difficult to deal with and so the aim in all of our anti-ageing treatment, is to restore that same mood and sparkle you had before. We don’t want to change you, only enhance the beauty of you getting older through the application of minimally-invasive treatment. In this article we guide you through the variety of ways in which we can do so, from gentle peels to dermal filler treatment.

The first step

‘Where do I start?’ is one of the most commons questions that come first, when it comes to self improvement. My answer to this, is skincare! A treatment is a great option for total skin rejuvenation, but it will have no long-term effect without the commitment of home treatment too. What is this point in seeing a dentist every few months if you are not going to care for your teeth daily? It works the same way with skin. Start of small – incorporating a good SPF into your routine will be the best preventative first step, to prevent any further environmental damage. There are many wonder products in the ZO Skin Health range, so pop in to the clinic for a free skin assessment where we can advise you the start of a routine.

Stimulate your collagen

The main goal in our skin rejuvenation treatments is to stimulate the collagen that declines during the ageing process. After treatment, you will notice a smoother, brighter and more hydrated complexion and greater improvement as the days pass by. Having a treatment regularly, will encourage skin renewal and better collagen production, leading to healthier, more youthful looking skin. Our selection of gentle skin peels are a good way to get started. A slightly more invasive but effective way to improve signs of ageing would be to experience our signature EDS treatment or skin boosting injections. Results are more effective when the skin is treated via a course of treatment every 4-8 weeks.

Specific fixes

We all have that one niggling concern that bothers us, no matter how much we try to ignore it. It could be a fine line or wrinkle, or changing a particular feature like the chin or nose.

Our treatments are designed to create subtler, natural-looking improvements for any concern. For example fine lines around the mouth can be temporarily improved with the use of filler, dark circles under the eye can be dramatically reduced using our tear trough treatment and EDS is the ultimate treatment for improving the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. Are you concerned about your ageing jawline? Our Lipocontrastmachine works well at breaking down fat cells and producing a softer, slimmer appearance to the neck. Pores can be improved using the right prescription product. Breakouts on the back and face can be massively reduced with the aid of regular skin peels. 

If you have a concern that is bothering you terribly, its time to find out what can be done about it!

The liquid facelift

Facial injections are not for everyone, however they do offer a powerful improvement to the volume that is lost to ageing. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers can be injected anywhere in the lower face to create natural-looking contours to areas like the cheeks and jawline to give an uplifting effect. These fillers are the perfect, temporary option to creating a more youthful appearance and are even more effective when teamed with other treatments like EDS andMesotherapy. Are you concerned with crows feet and frown lines? Then consider anti-wrinkle injection, to temporarily relax these muscles that create the wrinkle in the first place. Our nurse and doctor are always on hand to offer free, honest advise when it comes to planning an injectable treatment route.

Lift the face 

It is no secret that brows provide the perfect frame to the face; a softly arched brow accentuates the cheekbones and jawline, slimming the overall profile. As we age, the pigment in our brows tend to fade too and the hairs start to grow finer, resulting in less prominence. A great way to restore the eyebrows to what they were before, is through a HD or microblading treatment with our brow expert, Kate



Have you got a specific concern that hasn’t been mentioned in this article? Then drop us anemail and we will be happy to help.

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