One of the most common questions we get asked at Park Street Clinic is how to avoid getting breakouts and what to do with them when they arrive. If you have an excessive oil production, it is inevitable you will always have to deal with pimples and blackheads but there is a way to manage them effectively to reduce the longevity and occurrence.


Think of all the things we come into contact with every day from money and our mobile phones to the rails on public transport and the door knobs in our own home. All these things are riddled with bacteria and yet we still touch our face as often as we do. This provides the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria so it is important to realise when, why and how often you are doing it before attempting to reduce the chances of this happening.


If you suffer with breakouts and still are yet to incorporate active acids like salicylic into your routine, you are seriouslynot doing yourself any favours. Working with an active, anti-bacterial ingredient regularly will reduce the P-bacterium in the skin and eliminate oil production. Stay away from scrubs too as this will just end up aggravating the acne further and spreading bacteria to parts of the face that are not yet affected. ZO Skin Health Offect’s pads are a great alternative to a weekly scrub.


There is a reason that every dermatologist out there, recommends everyone to have regular skin treatment. Oily and acne-prone skins must commit to a treatment routine if they want to see improvement in their skin, particularly during times of problematic breakouts. Obagi blue peel radiance is a great treatment for such a condition as it is packed full of a salicylic acid which will reduce redness and sensitivity whilst managing clogged pores, blackheads and pimples.


It is true that your eating habits reflect on your skin’s appearance, so it is important to know what can be fuelling your breakouts and well as what can help improve them. Dairy, white rice, whey protein and high-fat foods are notorious for stimulating acne so steer clear of these foods. Eat more omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and zinc to promote good skin health, these can be found in all sorts of foods like nuts, fish and greens.


Just because you have an oily or acne-prone skin type, it doesn’t mean that your skin still needs hydration as much as any other. Stick to serum formulas when choosing your next hydrating product, to reduce clogging of pores and oil production. We are a massive fan of Dermaquest’s B5 moisture matte.


Exercise will have multiple benefits for your skin, whether you are somebody that suffers with outbreaks or not. Physical activity increases blood circulation which boosts delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells, furthering removal of waste. Exercise is known to boost endorphin levels, minimising stress levels which will lead to a reduced chance of outbreaks.

In some severe cases, acne cannot be dealt with using justthese lifestyle factors so do not hesitate to contact your GP if the condition is massively affecting you and your life. Park Street Clinic offer free consultations to whoever is interested in improving their skin, so never hesitate to book in your first skin assessment. 

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