Whether you loathe or like your pores, each of us have over 5 million of them on the human body. “What is the best way to shrink my pores?” and “how can I get rid of them?” is a question often asked in the clinic. Honestly, you can never get rid of them completely, though there are a few steps you can take to reduce the size, and improve the appearance of such pores.

What is a pore?

A pore (also referred to as a hair follicle) creates a pathway from the surface into the skin and all livings things have them; plants, animals, humans, even rocks. At the bottom of a pore, sits a sebaceous gland which methodically produces sebum to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin surface.

Why do pores get bigger??

A pore will enlarge when its pathway is blocked – all blemishes start out like this. The reason for the blockage can be from a number of things – excessive oil production, repetitive sun exposure and general skin ageing can lead to more apparent pores. To stop this from happening we don’t want to stop the production of sebum but make sure it can work as effectively as possible.

How can I improve the appearance of pores?

Using a retinol in your skincare regime will boost skin cell renewal and as a result, pores will be tightened and the appearance of any existing sun damage will improve.

Changing the way youexfoliate will improve the appearance of pores dramatically. It is easy to get carried away by exfoliating with the use of harsh gritty scrubs, doing it daily and applying too much pressure when it’s not needed – this will lead to an increase in inflammation, dehydration and yes, you guessed it: large pores.

Introduce salicylic acid into your cleansing ritual. AHA’s are a great way to exfoliate the skin’s surface and clean inside the pore, minimising any chance of a blockage.

Wear a SPF daily to boost your skin’s health, not just your pores. With this added protection your skin will experience less cellular damage; strengthening the natural barrier, boosting hydration and as a result, reducing pore size.

Apply cool water to your face at the end of your cleanse to close the pores.

Rejuvenate your collagen with regular skin treatments. When products and change in lifestyle simply will not do, it is time to consider treating those stubborn pores with a stronger alternative. Chemical peels and EDS work really well at this and improving other imperfections like fine lines, uneven skin tone and scarring.

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