Get the summer body you want with our no-hassle, quick-fix tips. 

Week 1

Make a plan

Making a plan is imperative during the process of achieving any goal. Use the first day to think about what your biggest concerns are and the realistic results you would like to achieve and steps on how you can get there. Concerned with your love handles? Then seek advice and programmes that will reduce the appearance of this particular area rather than loosing yourself in a minefield of full body workouts. Do you wish for smoother, more hydrated skin? Then focus on this and nothing else. Life is simple most of the time, so keep it that way and make things easy for yourself by setting a plan and sticking to it.

Control those hairs

This a common problem to tackle when you are planning any sort of beach getaway. Male or female, it can  be a tedious task to estimate and book a waxing appointment (or shave) accurately enough so that no hairs are visible on your beach days. Consider laser hair removal as a long-term solution – it works wonders for troublesome, thick hairs and prevents pigmentation and ingrowing hairs that develop with common hair removal methods. Within one treatment, most candidates experience a noticeable result so without regret, get your first laser appointment booked in now! Are you affected by ingrowing hairs? Look at using a high-strength salicylic acid product like ZO Skin Health TE pads. The pads exfoliate gently, clean inside the hair follicles AND reduce inflammation and redness, minimising further risk of developing ingrowing hairs.

Contour like crazy

If one of your concerns include fat loss or body definition, consider a Cyrolipoylsis treatment with our Lipocontrast machine. This can treat tummies, backs, arms, legs, chins and chest and clients have a proven reduction in fat within 4 weeks from their initial treatment. There is minimal risk involved with the Lipocontrast treatment and results are permanent, making it a much safer alternative to crash dieting.

Week 2

Scrub away

Exfoliation is incredibly important for the skin and body. Committing to a regular exfoliation routine will encourage the removal of toxins and dead skin cells, boost hydration and blood circulation and improve the appearance of cellulite. Our preferred method of body exfoliation is a dry brush. Use it daily and there will be a guaranteed improvement in the overall appearance of the body’s smoothness and texture.

Week 3

Do Detox 

2 weeks approaching your beach day or holiday, it is vital to take a look at what you’re eating and adapt your routines from here (if you are not doing so already.) Avoid foods that cause bloating like particular vegetables, fizzy drinks, grains and dairy products and replace it with the right alternatives. Start small, make subtle cutbacks and take advantage of Google – this search engine will be your new best friend during the process of making these changes.

Hydrate happy

We all know how great water is for us and the countless benefits that come with it including skin hydration, a reduction in water retention, transportation of nutrients across the body and improvement in circulation and digestion. Drink plenty of water, particularly during your detox period and your body and mind will thank you massively for it.

Week 4

Fix up

Choose an quick-fix treatment in Week 4 to give your skin that glow you deserve. Our ZO stimulator treatment is the perfect pre-holiday peel,  as it effectively resurfaces the skin through exfoliation and hydrates and brightens. Results are instant and there is no risk of downtime.

Tan today

There is a reason that most of us Invest in a tan prior to going on holiday. Tanning has an amazing ability to provide the ultimate slimming effect, whilst boosting definition of the body’s muscles and contours.

If you have any questions about booking an appointment in time for your beach holiday, email us or drop us a message through social media – we will be happy to help!

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