ZO Skin Health is a dermatologist-created brand, founded in 2008 by the one and only, Dr Zein Obagi. The board-certified dermatologist is an innovator, an author, scientist and particularly well-known for his contributions to the creation of the Nu-Derm system, 20 years ago, that transformed ageing skin and the techniques we choose to treat it. Dr Obagi wanted to create a programme that the patient could use after treating their skin with a transformation system – something that would maintain the results but without the high percentage of hydroquinone and retinoic acids.

The brand, oddly, doesn’t include any moisturisers; Obagi says ‘for years, women have used

 moisturisers for a quick, cheap fix. They give skin a smooth and silky feeling, but with repeated use the skin becomes addicted to them. Instead of allowing skin cells to function properly they become lazy. Our skin then becomes sensitive and intolerant while the signs of ageing rapidly increase.’

ZO’s motto treats the skin using 4 unique steps: activate, stimulate, calm and finally nourish. In 2012, ZO Medical was launched consisting of 11 products designed to treat difficult skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, acne and rosacea, effectively but gently.

ZO products are available in over forty different countries worldwide, through your medical health professional. Park Street Clinic offer free consultations to anyone interested in improving their skin using ZO’s transformational product line.

To book in a free consultation with us, to find how ZO Skin Health can improve your own skin, email us or drop us a message through our social media pages.

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