Non-surgical rhinoplasty consists of a series of small injections around the nose using hyaluronic-based fillers like Restylane, and Juvederm to fill out depressions and smooth out the bridge of the nose. The treatment is suitable for anyone concerned with the dorsum (bone) of the nose.

The history of using non-surgical rhinoplasty, dates back to the beginning of the 19th Century when neurologist James Corning and Robert Germany began experimenting with liquid paraffin to improve the appearance of a collapsed nasal dorsum. In the 1960s, silicone was used with a ‘microdroplet’ technique over multiple sessions, to achieve a smoother-looking nose. Of course, severe consequences followed when patients reported the silicone migrating to other parts of the body and in some cases, causing in tissue death. 

In 2003, Dr Alexander Rirkin began experimenting with hyaluronic-acid based filler like Restylane and Radiesse to improve the contours of the nose. A multiple of small injections were used  and because the procedure required little downtime, the treatment became an instant hit when Rirkin publicised the world-famous ‘non surgical nose job’ that we know of today. Dr Rirkin learnt that by smoothing the nose, the facial features are effectively balanced, leading to an  overall, more pleasing appearance.

The updated procedure is now considered a lunchtime treat; a quick and easy treatment that is over with in 5 minutes. In 2016, saw a 29% increase in enquiries for non-

surgical rhinoplasty and last year it was dubbed the fastest growing cosmetic trend. Reality stars like Holly Hagan have proudly admitted to having the procedure themselves, enabling further insight to the simple effectiveness of having it done. The area is usually numbed first with a topical cream, making the treatment relatively painless. There is minimal risk in

comparison to the surgical option an cost ten times less than the more invasive route. The treatment is favoured for its lack of permanency however results can last up to a promising 2 years. 

Park Street Clinic are now taking bookings for our newly-released, non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, so give us a call or drop us a message to find out if the treatment would be suitable for you. 

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