Jaw and chin enhancement procedures are on the rise and it comes as no surprise when we take a look at square-jawed females (and males) in the celebrity pool. Angelina Jolie, John Hamm and Lauren Bacall are amongst a superior hierarchy of beauty as a result of a strong jawline. 

There are multiple reasons for developing a large mandible and we easily forget how tightly linked beauty and health really are. Large jaws are often associated with the production of testosterone but the real truth behind this is a showcase of good orthodontic development. The more developed the muscle, the stronger and longer the jaw will be. Conditions such as having a strong bite and bruxism can also lead to developing a much larger jaw.

The fundamental question is: why do we find larger jawlines much more attractive? The idea of masculine men with massive jawlines seems to have been around since the dawn of time. Chinese mythology believes that somebody with a strong mandible signifies a person who is opinionated and inspires confidence; somebody that others feel safe around when in company. Interestingly, the advertising industry hand-picks square facial structures to display facial adornments more effectively.

 We are now witnessing a significant increase in treatments des

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