Heliocare are leaders in providing topical and oral sun protectors, specifically well-known for delivering superior protection against UVA and UVB damage in their extensive selections of creams, powders and now, capsules. 

These non-toxic capsules are clinically proven to provide an additional boost to your morning SPF and boast exceptional protection within 30 minutes. Fernblock is the signature technology in this genius product that helps to maintain protection against the sun and environment and reduces free radicals by up to 50%. By consuming one capsule daily, particularly during periods of extreme sun exposure, you will notice a significant improvement in skin condition and structure and prevent the formation of hyperpigmentation developing in the future. The brand has scientifically proven the capsule’s ability to enhance sunburn resistance by 300% and skin tissue by 55%. 

Who is it good for? Everyone! These capsules are perfect to use when you are exposed to the sun for longer periods of time or committing to a sports activity that causes your SPF to wash off. These capsules contain no chemical, iodine, chlorestrol or hormones. 

Park Street Clinic are proud stockists of Heliocare, ask in-clinic for more details about how you can use this brand to prevent ageing, further skin damage and hyperpigmentation.

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