Collagen is the protein found in the structure of skin and connective tissues and plays multiple roles from pain relief to boosting the metabolism. It is the plump, ‘squishy’ part to the skin and the more collagen we have, the more youthful and brighter our skin appears. Collagen makes up 25-35% of the whole-body protein content and up to 29 types have been identified to this date.

As we age, our production of collagen slows (around 1.5% each year) leading to a loss of elasticity, a dull appearance and an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. Many studies have been carried out to showcase how using collagen regularly can improve moisture, elasticity and texture when topically applied. Since these studies have been released, collagen has been considered as one of the best natural skincare ingredients ever to use.

There has been some controversy about the effectiveness of using collagen in skincare as the molecule is incredibly large. The ability to penetrate down to the dermis and stimulate further collagen production still requires further study. Some organisations/companies like LAVIV have experimented with stimulating our collagen production using a FDA-approved biopsy method. Collagen supplements and serums have flooded the skincare market but what can we really do to ensure our collagen is producing to the best of its ability? Wear an antioxidant and SPF daily to prevent cell damage, ensure you are getting enough hours sleep each night and try to limit your cortisol production to a minimum. Products like the RHA X VCIP serum are great to use to ensure your collagen is getting stimulated regularly.

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