The increase in facial aesthetics and the use of social media has increased our curiosity of facial features and the contributions to what makes a person beautiful. In addition to strong jawline and plump lips, high cheekbones have always universally been regarded as a superior feature. The cheekbones are located at the widest part of the face; just beneath the eyes where it causes the cheek to dip slightly beneath. Interestingly, it is a feature that has developed over time as a result of Neanderthal women favouring mates with wide faces and higher cheekbones.

A 2014 New York university study proved that the higher the cheekbone, the more trustworthy we find a person. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology studied 20,000 participants with similar queries and the results remained the same. So why do we find a high cheekbone so appealing? It is said that a high cheekbone is linked to growth and maturity – if the feature is prominent it indicates that a woman is more likely to have reached an appropriate age to bear children. Men’s cheekbones become more defined following puberty, implying a transition into adulthood. Favouring a high cheekbone is also a result of it’s symmetry and the brain’s ability to process regularity more easily.

If you would like to create the appearance of higher cheekbones, the application of highlighting and contouring make-up is a quick, effective option. People have claimed that committing to regular facial exercises also encourages the appearance of a higher cheek. For a more permanent solution, consider cheek augmentationtreatment with our Doctor or nurse practitioner to create the appearance of a fuller, higher arch using dermal filler.

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